Tips for Extending the Life of Cut Flowers

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I love having fresh flowers around my home! My favorite way to treat myself is to pick up a bouquet of blooms at the grocery store every other week. My go-to flowers are usually hydrangeas (and peonies when they are in season), but lately I have been loving roses. The scent of roses is my favorite!

I always try to maximize the life of the flowers so that I can enjoy them for as long as possible. I picked up a few tips along the way and have rounded them up here below:

  • Keep your flowers as cool as possible prior to arranging.
  • After bringing your flowers home, re-cut the stems at an angle upon arranging them. (Make sure that your scissor or clippers are clean and disinfected).
  • Remove all foliage that may come into contact with water. The water will stay clearer, and it also helps to avoid the buildup of bacteria.
  • Make sure your vase is disinfected and clean.
  • Add clean, room temperature water to the vase, along with flower food.
  • Keep flowers out of direct sunlight.
  • Change the water every few days, if possible.
  • Recut stems as needed, but not too often.

I hope this was helpful! I’d love to hear which flowers are your favorite to have around your home in the comments below!

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