Golden Goose Sneaker Review

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I wouldn’t have believed you a few years ago if you told me that sneakers that were made to look worn and cost hundreds of dollars would be popular. Candidly, when I first learned about Golden Goose sneakers, I didn’t understand what the hype was about… who would want sneakers that look worn right out of the box? I especially couldn’t get behind the price tag, and was sure these would be a quickly passing trend. Flash forward a bit, and not only did I purchase a pair, but I love them so much, I want a second pair! (Although I’m not planning to purchase another any time soon). They are definitely a splurge item, but here are a few reasons why I love these shoes:

They are extremely comfortable – I wore my pair all around NYC during our visit there last year, and my feet never hurt!

The quality is amazing – Each pair is handmade in Italy, and you can tell immediately that they are very high quality and durable. I personally love that the pair I purchased didn’t look brand new right out of the box, because it made me feel less worried about getting them scuffed or dirty! I will have these in my closet for a very long time.

They work with many different outfits – They are just as easily worn with casual attire as they are with dressier looks! This really helps to justify the price tag, as I have gotten so much use out of mine for this reason.

They have a wide range of styles available – There is truly a pair for everyone – the range is styles is almost a bit overwhelming when trying to select a pair!

A few of my favorite Golden Goose styles currently are ….

I also love these duplicate styles for a lower price tag…

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