Easy Fall DIY- Painted Pumpkins

pumpkin salt and pepper shakers (similar) | vase (similar)

Happy Saturday!

I have an easy Fall DIY to share today. Fall is one of my favorite seasons to decorate for. I was especially ready for the change in seasons this year, so as soon as September 22nd came around, I started to hunt for Fall-inspired decor.

Last year around this time, I was browsing Pinterest, and saw the idea for painted pumpkins. I purchased gold acrylic paint (you can purchase at Target or Michaels), along with inexpensive paint brushes, and started painting! My pumpkins were such a hit that my mom made me paint a few for her pretty table.

This year, I knew these would look perfect on our table for the upcoming Fall months, so I set out to find more white pumpkins!Ā There are endless designs you can paint, so you can get really creative here. I found that circles or dots were the easiest pattern, but I’m hoping to branch out more next time – maybe stars or a chevron print?

My mom is already asking me to paint here a few this year… šŸ™‚



What You’ll Need:

  • White PumpkinsĀ 

  • Gold Acrylic Paint

  • Paint Brush with Pointed Tip

  • Newspaper (to put underneath the pumpkin while painting)


  • Stencils (I didn’t use stencils but would have found them helpful for more intricate designs)

How To:Ā 

Pick up the paint brush and have fun! The only tip I have is to paint the top half of the pumpkin first, and let this part dry before turning the pumpkin over and completing the other half.
Pair with pretty flowers in a vase, and there you have it! Happy Fall!


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