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With more time to spend at home, I know that many of us are using the time to do home projects. Since Spring cleaning season is upon us, I thought I’d share my home project “to-do list” that I’ve been working off of lately! When I was compiling the list below, I realized the main theme through most of these items was “organization”. I’m pretty sure a visit to the Container Store (online!) is in the works!

  • Organize My Closet: My closet is actually fairly organized, except I plan to move all of my Fall/Winter clothes to another closet in my home to make space for my warm weather clothes. In the past, I’ve stored my sweaters in large plastic containers like the ones below. I’ve also stored boots, scarves, and other winter accessories in these plastic containers.
  • Organize My Pantry: I love browsing Pinterest, and seeing pictures of organized pantries has me very inspired to do the same in my home! I have a few of these containers in my pantry now, but plan to purchase more so that I can get organized. I love the idea of adding these labels on the containers so that you can easily identify categories/items in your pantry!
  • Garden: We are so fortunate to be having (mostly) warm, sunny weather in Charleston. This time of year, I always get so excited to plant flowers and take on gardening projects. While many garden stores are still open for pickup, you can also order plants online! I recently ordered several bare English rose plants from David Austin Roses (so excited to see these bloom!). Other places to purchase plants online include Amazon (they have a great selection, who knew!), Plants By Mail, Gardener Direct, and The Sill (for indoor plants).

  • Clean Out/Organize My Garage: My garage is one of my favorite things about my home. Since I rented for a long time and didn’t have a garage, I am very appreciative to have one now! It’s so nice to be able to have a place to store gardening supplies, bikes, beach chairs, etc. I have these steel shelves in my garage to store containers (most of which are filled with Christmas decorations). I also love the idea of adding this yard tool rack.
  • Organize Beauty Products: An organized bathroom cabinet is always the best feeling! While mine is not terrible by any means, I am looking for ways to better use the space under my sink to store my beauty products and makeup. I love the idea of this ‘under-sink starter kit’! I also have a ton of product samples that I need to store. I like keeping a container of samples in my guest bathroom for guests to use when visiting. These pretty glass jars work perfectly!

I hope this list was helpful. I’d love to hear about what home projects you have on your to-do list! Let me know in the comments below! 🙂

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